Originating in Brentford, down the Ealing Road,we have just past our 30th anniversary and have been located in Hounslow Gardens for the past 17 years. 

Working through the decades we have seen a never slowing advancement in technology being introduced into vehicles, from carburettors to fuel injection, points ignition distributors to the latest individual coil on plug systems, anti-lock braking and stability programs , airbags, climate control, electronic steering, multimedia.....the list goes on, in fact most cars now have between 30 and 100 computers on-board carrying out the various functions required for the operation of the vehicle, compared to zero computers on most vehicles built up to the 90s.

Workshop tooling has also had the constant need for updating, with special tools needed for  nearly every timing belt/chain that requires replacment and many other repairs on the vehicle, specific to the make and model.

So here at Chris M Motors we will try to have you covered no matter what you drive and with a personal touch.